16 JULY 1907 - 20 JANUARY 1990

Linda says:   Miss Stanwyck worked three times with Gerald.  The first was in the film “The Lady of Burlesque” (1943), which starred Miss Stanwyck.  Gerald was recommended for the role of the gangster Louie Grindero by Orson Welles.  The character jumped off a balcony to his death in that one.

The second time they worked together was in the episode “Ironbark’s Bride” of “The Barbara Stanwyck Show”, dated 28 November 1960, when Gerald played Charlie Cahill, Miss Stanwyck’s character’s jailbird husband who came back into her life after 15 years in jail (photo on the left).  She shot him in the back this time!

The last time they worked together was in the episode “Flight from San Miguel” of “The Big Valley”, which was recorded in August 1968 just before Gerald flew to Stockholm.  This was to be Gerald’s last TV Western.  And, yeah, they shot him dead in this one, too!  However, he did not appear on screen with Miss Stanwyck during this episode.  Judging from Gerald’s appearance in the photo above, I would say that it may have been taken at the episode’s wrap party (if they had one).  If any gentle reader can enlighten me further, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Miss Stanwyck, judging from this photo, is obviously very fond of Gerald, who by then she will have known for 25 years.