And finally, gentle reader, a poem based on Gerald’s baddie character, Pat Keogh, in the Cheyenne episode “Rendezvous at Red Rock”.  KEOGH’S KILLER By LINDA C WOOD

We were friends, partner.

We hit the breeze together,

Camped out together,

We even roomed together -

We were friends, partner.

I trusted you, partner,

But I was wrong about you -

You were a loner

On the side of the law.

I shouldn’t have trusted you, partner.

So I called you out, partner.

I knew you were fast

But so was I.

I knew you shot straight, but so did I.

So I called you out, partner.

Was it because were were friends, partner,

That my draw was a little slow?

I thought that I’d outgun you

And that you’d be the one to go

Though we were friends, partner.

But you shot me down, partner.

My last song is sung.

One good thing about it -

It saves me from getting hung.

Now you’ve shot me down, partner.

And now I face my killer

As I meet my sudden end

And I look up and see you,

The man I called partner and friend.

My friend you never could be

As you are an honest man,

Because the name of Pat Keogh’s killer

Is the man they call Cheyenne.