On 11 June 2014 I visited Lidingö Kyrka to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Gerald Mohr’s birth in New York.

The day was warm and sunny and I was joined by my travelling companion, Sue, together with Sven Erick Alm, Gerald’s step-nephew, and Joachim Bjork, the journalist who ran articles about my visits in the Lidingö Tidning newspaper.  The day before I had visited the gravestone and done the necessary housekeeping, which included cutting back the ever-encroaching vine of ivy and cleaning the flower cup, removing the old flowers which had endured two winters!  I then placed the new card and flowers on the gravestone.  I thanked individually Sven Erick, Joachim and Sue for their help and support with my research of Gerald’s time in Stockholm.  We then had an alfresco lunch at a local eaterie of Joachim’s knowledge and choice before going our separate ways for another year.

I returned alone to the gravestone the day before I travelled home to have a little private time there.  It really is a beautiful place.

11 JUNE 1914 - 11 JUNE 2014